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Hikmicro Owl

As one of the most sort after, top of the line thermal monoculars on the market, the HIKMICRO Owl can help you elevate your hunting game through its high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector. With a detection distance of a vehicle over 3 km or a man-sized object over 1 km, the HIKMICRO Owl will ensure you are able to locate any type of movement around you with ease.

Take Your Night Vision To A Whole New Level With The HIKMICRO Owl

Unlike other stock standard night vision cameras, there are a vast range of features on the HIKMICRO Owl that hunters can take advantage of. From its built-in rechargeable battery to its HD OLED display screen, the HIKMICRO OWL will help you track your game carefully and discreetly.

HIKMICRO Owl Makes Hunting At Night Easier

As some of the best hunting is often done at either dawn or dusk, having a HIKMICRO Owl will ensure you can take advantage of both times of the day to ensure the best rate of success during your hunting trip.

HIKMICRO Owl Thermal Monocular’s For Sale In Our Melbourne Store

At Gunpowder & Game, our Melbourne based store is home to some of the best, high quality hunting equipment, accessories and solutions to help get you fitted for your next trip. To find out more about our fantastic range of HIKMICRO Thermal Monocular’s, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and reliable customer service team today.

HIKMICRO Thermal Monocular

When it comes to finding the best thermal imaging equipment for hunting, HIKMICRO’s range of thermal monocular’s will make the perfect addition to any hunters’ arsenal out in the wilderness.

Quality Made & Durable, The HIKMICRO Thermal Monocular Is The Best Choice For Hunters

Small, lightweight and easy to use, a HIKMICRO thermal monocular will ensure hunters across Australia have the best possible technology and hardware ready to go at all times. Unlike their competitors, HIKMICRO believe in delivering safer, smarter and tougher products that will give you the edge you need while hunting.

HIKMICRO Designs Some Of The Best Thermal Monocular’s In The Market

By purchasing a HIKMICRO thermal monocular for your next big hunting trip, we guarantee you will have a more tactical advantage while hunting out in the welders. Not only will it help you track your game from a much further distance, but its wide variety of features will also keep you safe while hunting in the darkness.

Check Out Our HIKMICRO Thermal Monocular Range Available In-Store

As the leading provider in thermal imaging solutions, HIKMICRO will be able to provide you with the right technology and equipment to make your hunting trips easier. To find out more about our HIKMICRO thermal monocular range or to enquire about our other fantastic hunting products, please give our Gunpowder & Game team a call or visit us in-store today.