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Welcome to Gunpowder & Game, your trusted provider of CamelBak backpacks for Australia’s outdoor enthusiasts. No matter the track, terrain, or weather, our Camelbak products guarantee the adventure of a lifetime.

Hydrate in Style with CamelBak Hydration Packs in Melbourne

Australian terrains can be relentless and hydration is key to fuelling extensive hunting expeditions. CamelBak hydration packs, well-adapted to tough conditions of Victoria, can be the difference between triumph and setback.

CamelBak, the industry-leading brand, excels when it comes to hydration packs. Renowned for innovative, compact and high-density hydration systems, a CamelBak backpack perfectly pairs with the dynamic standards of Australian outdoors.

Whether you’re journeying through the rugged bush of Australia, or just out for a day hike, CamelBak backpacks are your essential outdoor companions, offering unrivalled hydration convenience.

Special Features of Your Camelbak Backpack in Australia

Gunpowder & Game brings you a wide range of CamelBak hydration packs with tailor-made features for your utmost convenience.

The innovative design of CamelBak backpacks promotes seamless drinking delivery systems for hands-free hydration. Designed with its users in mind, these backpacks feature breathable harnesses for optimum load stability. Also offering the LifeStraw for making any watersource 99.99% safe to drink

Not only are they designed to keep you hydrated throughout your hunting expeditions, but they also provide ample space for gear and tools, thereby providing a perfect mix of storage and hydration.

Choose Authentic CamelBak Hydration Packs for your Adventures

The CamelBak brand symbolises durability, convenience, and style. As a provider of authentic CamelBak hydration packs in Melbourne, Gunpowder & Game helps you stay energised and satiated, while you tackle the most arid parts or navigate the stunning landscapes of Australia.

Our range of CamelBak hydration packs include sleek, stylish and compact designs perfect for hunting, hiking, or biking. No matter the adventure, you can count on us to provide the right hydration partner for you!

Choosing Gunpowder & Game for CamelBak Backpack Australia

At Gunpowder & Game, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Here’s why you should purchase your CamelBak Backpack through us:

  • Quality : As enthusiasts of the Australian outdoors, we only stock brands that we would trust for our adventures. We bring you authentic CamelBak backpacks known for their quality and durability.
  • Variety : We offer a vast range of CamelBak hydration packs, suited to different adventures and preferences. Browse through our collections and find the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Customer Service : Our dedicated team stands by to assist you in your purchasing journey, should you require guidance or have any queries.
  • Australian Owned : At Gunpowder & Games, we’re proud to be a locally owned Melbourne business. We understand the needs of Australian adventurers and are committed to catering to them.


Your Trusted Provider of CamelBak Backpacks Australia

Whether you’re planning a hunting trip around some of Australia’s toughest terrain, or embarking on a hiking journey on Australia’s picturesque trails, a CamelBak is an essential piece of equipment for your adventure. Get your hands on the best CamelBak hydration packs in Australia at Gunpowder & Game and transform your outdoor experience. Contact us at 03 5940 4559 or visit our store in Pakenham today.

Frequently Asked Questions for CamelBak Backpack Australia

What makes CamelBak Backpacks a popular choice among Australian outdoor enthusiasts?

CamelBak Backpacks are renowned for their compact, high-density hydration systems and innovative design. They are well-adapted to handle the tough conditions of Australian terrains, making them a favourite among hunting and hiking enthusiasts across Australia.

What are some unique features of CamelBak Hydration Packs offered by Gunpowder & Game in Australia?

CamelBak Hydration Packs feature seamless drinking delivery systems for hands-free hydration and breathable harnesses for optimal load stability. They are designed with ample space for gear and tools, offering a perfect balance of storage and hydration.

Where can I buy an authentic CamelBak Backpack in Melbourne?

You can purchase an authentic CamelBak Backpack in Melbourne from Gunpowder & Game, your premier hunting store. We are situated within the Pakenham Western Wear & Saddlery store.

Why should I choose Gunpowder & Game for purchasing a CamelBak Backpack in Australia?

At Gunpowder & Game, we stock a vast range of CamelBak Backpacks known for their quality and durability. We are a locally owned business with a dedicated team ready to assist you in finding the right hydration pack for your needs.

How does a CamelBak Hydration Pack enhance my outdoor experience in Australia?

A CamelBak Hydration Pack can greatly enhance your outdoor experience in Australia by ensuring your hydration needs are conveniently met. Whether you’re hunting, hiking or biking, CamelBak is an essential piece of gear for your adventures in Australia’s diverse outdoors.