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Uncle Henry Wolverine

Designed for hunters, the Uncle Henry Wolverine knife will deliver a quick and clean cut through any type of material or object while out on the hunt. Featuring a stainless steel satin finish clip point blade, this fixed blade knife will make the perfect addition to your hunting arsenal.

Uncle Henry Wolverine Knives Are Designed And Manufactured By Schrade

Designed and produced by the well-known and popular American knife brand Schrade, the Uncle Henry Wolverine knife was created to give hunters across the globe the best possible solution for any type of situation while out in the wilderness.

Built To Last A Lifetime Of Hunting, Uncle Henry Wolverine Knives Have You Covered

Tough, sharp and durable, the Uncle Henry Wolverine is one of the best hunting knives you can trust while out in the wilderness for days, or even weeks at a time. Designed as the ultimate survival tool, Schrade have made the Uncle Henry Wolverine knife easy to carry, pocket away and utilise quickly while out in the Australian backcountry.

Buy Your Uncle Henry Wolverine Knife Locally From Our Melbourne Based Store

Through its guaranteed quality and strength, we guarantee the Uncle Henry Wolverine knife will last you a lifetime of hunting trips. To find out more about our range of Schrade knives, please contact our Gunpowder & Game team or visit us in-store today.